Department of Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering is a highly diversified discipline. The program at the University is broadly based and builds upon a student's high school training in science and mathematics. It provides a fundamental base from which graduates can develop their skills by entering general engineering practice or pursuing an advanced degree.

The Department has many focus areas that reflect its strengths such as biotechnology, bioprocessing, advanced engineered materials, nuclear engineering, paper engineering and process controls. Students may select a general chemical engineering curriculum or an option in biological, nanomaterials, nuclear, or paper engineering stemming from the general program.

The faculty are involved with University Centers and research facilities such as the Massachusetts Biomanufacturing Center, the Toxic Use Reduction Institute, the Center for Advanced Materials, and the University Research Nuclear Reactor. The Department is associated with several specialized laboratories such as the biotechnology and bioprocessing laboratories, the ceramics laboratory, the advanced materials characterization laboratories, the pulp and paper testing laboratories and a computer laboratory.

The faculty are nationally and internationally recognized for research especially in the areas of bioprocessing and biotechnology, advanced materials, nuclear engineering, and paper engineering. For more information visit Chemical Engineering or contact us