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Biomedical Engineering

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Introduction to Biomedical Engineering (Formerly IB 400)


Provides exposure to cutting-edge biomedical technologies in a number of different areas with a balance between biomedical engineering and biotechnology areas.


Pre-req: HSCI 2510 Physiological Chemistry I, or CHEM 1210 Chemistry I, or CHEM 1110 General Chemistry I, and PHYS 1030 General Physics I, and PHYS 1030L General Physics Lab I, or PHYS 1410 Physics I, or PHYS 1410L Physics I Lab.

Directed Study: BME


This course provides Biomedical Engineering students with the opportunity to pursue the study of a technical topic or project, individually under the supervision of a faculty member and, if desired, a responsible project engineering from industry. The course is to result in a term paper or technical report.