STEM Teaching Minor (UTeach)

UTeach is an innovative undergraduate teacher preparatory program designed to give STEM majors the opportunity to investigate and prepare for a career in teaching math, science or engineering in high school. The program is open to science, math, computer science and engineering students. The UTeach program includes exploratory courses, STEM Teaching minor courses and a teaching practicum.

Students begin the program by taking the exploratory courses UTCH.1010 and UTCH.1020 (commonly known as Step 1 and Step 2) or the course UTCH.1030 Introduction to STEM Teaching. These courses provide students with classroom teaching experience under the supervision of experienced middle school teachers. Students who plan to declare the STEM Teaching minor continue by taking UTCH.2010 Knowing and Learning in Math and Science and UTCH.2040 Perspectives on Math and Science. Upon successful completion of UTCH.2010, UTCH.2040 and UTCH.1030 (or UTCH.1010 and UTCH.1020), students with a minimum overall GPA of 2.75 may declare the minor and proceed to the next required course.

The STEM Teaching minor requires 18 credits of course work. For math teacher certification, additional math elective courses are required only of Computer Science and Math students. In order to receive an initial teaching license, UTeach students must complete the exploratory course(s), the STEM Teaching minor, pass the required MTEL examinations and complete the teaching practicum.

Exploratory Courses (prerequisites that do not count toward minor)

  • UTCH.1010 Step 1: Inquiry Approaches to Teaching
  • UTCH.1020 Step 2: Inquiry-Based Lesson Design


  • UTCH.1030 Introduction to STEM Teaching

STEM Teaching Minor Courses (18 credits)

  • UTCH.2010 Knowing & Learning in Math & Science1
  • UTCH.2040 Perspectives on Mathematics & Science1
  • UTCH.3020 Research Methods for STEM Inquiries
  • UTCH.4410 Teaching Emergent Bilingual Students
  • UTCH.2020 Interactions and Equity
  • UTCH.3010 Project-Based Instruction

1These courses are Core Curriculum approved.

Additional Courses

In addition to the above courses, Math and Computer Science majors must also take the following course for teacher licensure.

  • MATH.2100 Functions and Modeling
  • MATH.4270 Geometry

Teacher Licensure

As you near the completion of your bachelor degree, in order to earn an initial teaching license, you must complete the practicum by teaching full time in a high school classroom—usually in the fall or spring of your senior year.

  • UTCH.4010 Practicum

Course Listing

For additional information, contact the UTeach Co-Director.