Operations and Information Systems Minor

The Operations and Information Systems (OIS) Minor is intended to introduce students to the primary concepts and analytical tools necessary to solve problems and address the data analytics, operations or information technology issues of a company. Successful completion of this minor will allow the student to matriculate into the Masters of Science in Business Analytics (MSBA). All students majoring in Sciences, Economics, Math, or Engineering can benefit from adding a Minor in OIS. These students will have a great foundation for a careers in supply-chain, IS or data analytics.

Students graduating with the OIS Minor will be able to work in a wide range of areas including information systems, business analytics, supply-chain management and operations management. Or they may choose to further their education in OIS with the MSBA.

The minor in Operations and Information Systems consists of 21 credits.

Required Courses

  • ECON.2110 Statistics I (OR Equivalent Stats)
  • POMS.2010 Intro to Business Analytics
  • MIST.2010 Business Information Systems


Select four from the following course list (two from MIST and two from POMS):

  • MIST.3030 Database Management Systems
  • MIST.3050 Business Applications Development
  • MIST.3040 Data Communications and Networks
  • MIST 4020 Systems Analysis and Design
  • POMS.3010 Operations Management
  • POMS.4010 Logistics and Transportation
  • POMS.4020 Global Supply Chain Management
  • POMS.4030 Service Management
  • POMS.4040 Managerial Quality Control

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