Degree Pathway for Master of Science in Mathematics - Mathematics for Teachers Option

This 30-credit program is not a teaching certification program.

 Required Courses
Course #Course NameCr.
MATH.5010Real Analysis I3
MATH.5100Computers and Calculators in the Classroom3
MATH.5200Mathematical Problem Solving3
MATH.5350History of Mathematics3

 Elective Courses - Choose 5 (15 credits)*
Course #Course NameCr.
MATH.5090Probability and Statistics3
MATH.5130Number Theory3
MATH.5210Abstract Algebra I3
MATH.5500Mathematical Modeling3
MATH.5640Applied Linear Algebra3
MATH.5750Applied Statistics with R**3
MATH.5760Statistical Programming using SAS**3
MATH.5810Graph Theory3
MATH.5930Experimental Design3
*Other graduate mathematics courses may also be taken in place of an optional course with permission of the student's advisor.
**Students cannot take both MATH.5750 and MATH.5760 for program credits.

Total Credits = 30

Last updated 6/22/20