Professional Leadership Certificate

About the Program 

The Professional Leadership certificate is a useful credential for science, engineering and technology professionals in the private and public sectors who wish to advance to managerial and/or move to more business related positions within their organizations. This is a 12 credit (four courses, three credits per course) program.

Admission Requirements

  1. Bachelor’s degree in science, engineering, technology or mathematics.
  2. Minimum of two years post-baccalaureate work experience.


This program consists of four master’s level courses (3 credits each), with three courses in the professional leadership area and one advanced course in the individual’s field of expertise.  For qualified individuals, the 12 earned graduate credits are transferable to a related Professional Science Master’s graduate program with the approval of the appropriate graduate program coordinator.

Required Professional Courses: (three credits each – all are online courses) 

  • PSM 535 Project Management for Science Professionals
  • PSM 545 Professional and Scientific Communication 
  • PSM 555 Professional Science Leadership 
One business course may be substituted for one of the above courses, with approval of the program advisor. 
Required Science, Engineering, or Technology Course (three credits) – One graduate level course within the student’s academic discipline, to be chosen with the approval of the appropriate Graduate Coordinator, is required.


Email: Deborah White
Phone: 978-934-2173