Master of Public Health - Epidemiology Option

Epidemiologists are critical to the identification of public health hazards, the evaluation of health systems data. Epidemiology and the closely related field of biostatistics are core disciplines of public health and there continues to be a strong need for MPH professionals with expertise in these field for both public an private health programs. The goal of this specialization is to produce practitioners who have a solid grasp of the fundamental principles of epidemiology and health statistics including study design, data analysis, assessment of bias, control of confounders and exposure assessment.

The Epidemiology focus area of the MPH will prepare graduate to:

  • Conduct etiologic research for the wide array of different diseases:
  • Design and operate surveillance systems and other databases gathering data on health and illness, as well as on risk factors and health behaviors.
  • Participate as team members in the design and conduct of disease prevention and health promotion programs.

Field epidemiology experience will be provided through the practicum experience an summer internships, with public and private sector health agencies. Examples include collaborations with the Massachusetts and New Hampshire Departments of Public Health, town and city health department and regional health departments and regional hospitals.

 Information: please contact Leland Ackerson, Ph.D.


Fall Semester Year 1  
PUBH.5061 Environmental Health 3 credits
PUBH.5750 Epidemiology & Biostatistics 3 credits
PUBH.5021 Public Health Policy 3 credits
Spring Semester Year 1  
PUBH.5070 Leadership & Management in Public Health 3 credits
PUBH.5770 Biostatistics for Health Data 3 credits
PUBH.6820 Applied Epidemiology Methods 3 credits
PUBH.5010 Social and Behavioral Determinants of Health 3 credits
Fall Semester Year 2  
PUBH.6890 Advanced Regression Modeling 3 credits
XXXX.XXXX Elective 3 credits
PUBH.6870 Quantitative Models for Public Health 3 credits
PUBH.6660 MPH Practicum  3 credits
Spring Semester Year 2  
PUBH.5760 Biostatistical Programming 3 credits
XXXX.XXXX Elective 3 credits
PUBH.6670 Integrated Practical Learning  3 credits

NOTE: Part-Time plans of study can be arraigned in consultation with an academic advisor. Full-Time plans of study that begin in the Spring Semester will include the same courses taken in a slightly different order.