Master of Public Health - Dietetics Option

The Master of Public Health in Dietetics is intended for students who want to become Registered Dietitians (RDs). The dietetics option is an accredited Coordinated Program in Dietetics, which is a highly regarded degree option that combines the academic and supervised practice experience to qualify graduates to become RDs.

The UMass Lowell Master of Public Health Dietetics option is the only MPH coordinated program offered in New England. For more information,  please click here to visit our program of study page.


First Year
Fall Spring
Credits Credits
PUBH.5061 Intro to Environmental Health 3 PUBH.5770 Biostatistics for Health Data 3
PUBH.5750 Intro to Epidemiology 3 NUTR.6020 Public Health Nutrition 3
PUBH.5021 Health Policy and Management 3 NUTR.6050 Food and Nutrition Management (60 hrs) 3
NUTR.6000 Programs & Principals in Health Nutrition (60 hrs) 3
Total Credits 12 Total Credits 9
First Summer
NUTR.6660 Community Nutrition Supervised Practice (300 hrs) 1
Second Year
Fall Spring
Credits Credits
NUTR.6010 Nutrition Assessment 3 NUTR.6040 Nutrition Epidemiology 3
PUBH.6660 MPH Practicum I (120 hrs) 3 PUBH.6670 MPH Practicum II (120 hrs) 3
NUTR.6060 Advanced Clinical Nutrition (60 hrs) 3 PUBH.5010 Social/Behavioral Deter Health 3
NUTR.6670 Food and Nutrition Management Supervised Practice (249 hrs) 1 NUTR.6680 Clinical Nutrition Supervised Practice (240 hrs) 1
Total Credits 9 Total Credits 10
June 28, 2016 Program Totals 42