Professional Science Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences

Applications have been suspended for this program.

Admissions and Degree Requirements

Applicants to the UMass Lowell Professional Science Master's (PSM) program in Pharmaceutical Sciences must possess a BS degree or be in their last semester of a baccalaureate program. Up to 12 credits of appropriate graduate coursework with a grade of B or better can be transferred into the program if approved by the Graduate Coordinator of the Pharmaceutical Sciences programs.

The Professional Science Master's in Pharmaceutical Sciences program will consist of 36 credits of coursework to be completed either full-time or part-time. Full-time students should complete the program within two years and part-time students should complete the program within five years. The Program Coordinator and advisors in the program will advise PSM students about course selections.

Upon admission or through the successful completion of prerequisite courses, students will be expected to have successfully demonstrated undergraduate level knowledge in calculus, general and organic chemistry, biochemistry and biology or anatomy and physiology.

Curriculum Plan

Pharmaceutical Science Core Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
PHRM.6100 Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences 3 credits
PHRM.6120 Principles of Pharmaceutical Sciences Lab 1 credit
CHEM.5500 Biochemistry 1 3 credits
CHEM.5620 or
Biopharmaceutical Development OR Principles of Medicinal Chemistry I 3 credits
PHRM.6600 Pharmacokinetics and Drug Metabolism 3 credits
PHRM.6400 Pharmaceutical Analysis 3 credits
PHRM.6420 Pharmaceutical Analysis Lab 1 credit
PHRM.6410 Drug Delivery 3 credits
XXXX.XXXX Pharmaceutical Science Elective 3 credits
Total: 23 credits

PLUS Courses

Course Number Course Name Credits
PSMA.5550 Leadership for Scientists 3 credits
PSMA.5450 Professional and Scientific Communication 3 credits
XXXX.XXXX PLUS Elective 3 credits
Total 9 credits

Pharmaceutical Sciences elective options include (but not limited to): BIOL.5760, BIOL.5820, BIOL.5930, CHEM.5140, CHEN.5260, CHEN.5450, CHEN.5480, MLSC.5600

PLUS elective options include (but not limited to): MKTG.5010, MGMT.5010, ENTR.6500, ENTR.6450, MKTG.6300, PSMA.5350, PSMA.5650, MGMT.5750, FINA.6400, MECH.5760, MLSC.7700

Professional Internship Requirement

PSMA.5000 Professional Development (0 credit), PSMA.5100 Internship (0 credit), & PSMA.5010 Reflective Seminar (1 credit) are required for students to complete the Professional Internship requirement of the PSM. A Professional Internship must be a minimum of 350 hours and 3-6 months in length. The internship is designed to provide students with an opportunity to obtain real-world experience in business, government agencies, non-profit organizations or research laboratories. Internships or research project experiences will typically take place in pharmaceutical, biotechnological or medical device companies or institutions. Consideration will be given for students that have previous or current professional employment in the pharmaceutical sciences, however, in these cases, a new project experience will be required that adds to the student’s current set of skills.