Master of Arts - Homeland Defense

Homeland Defense

Students pursuing this area of concentration will develop competencies and knowledge relating to homeland security strategy and policy development, critical infrastructure protection, regional and national security intelligence, land and maritime border protection, and the use of new technologies in homeland security. Emphasis is placed on integrating a “big picture” policy perspective with an understanding of human behavior, systems, and intelligence analysis.

Note: In September 2014, this program was ranked #6 in the nation by

Core Courses

  • Contemporary Security Studies (CRIM.5750)
  • Intelligence Analysis: Policy and Practice (CRIM.5780)
  • Scientific and Technological Dimensions of National Security (CRIM.6680)
  • Research Design (CRIM.5910)
  • Security Studies Capstone Research Paper (CRIM.6990)

Electives (choose five from the following)

  • Overview of Homeland Security (CRIM.5740)  [Required for students in this concentration]
  • Comparative Terrorism and Counterterrorism (CRIM.5720)
  • Understanding the Massachusetts Contingency Plan (ENVS.5810)
  • Crisis and Emergency Management (CRIM.5700)
  • Descriptive and Inferential Statistics (CRIM.5900)
  • Domestic Terrorism and Violent Extremism (CRIM.5710)
  • Issues in Computer Crime and Cybersecurity (CRIM.6580)
  • Weapons of Mass Destruction (CRIM.6640)
  • Terrorism Networks (CRIM.6660)
  • Counterterrorism Policies and Strategies (CRIM.6690)
  • Strategic Intelligence and Homeland Security (CRIM.5880)
  • Advanced Security Studies (CRIM.6670)
  • Politics and Economics of Public Policy (POLI.5150)
  • Threat Assessment and Risk Management (CRIM.5730)
  • Criminal Justice Intelligence & Information Sharing (CRIM.5760)
  • Transportation System Security and Safety (CRIM.5660)

Other graduate-level electives taken at UMass Lowell or at other campuses of the University of Massachusetts may also count toward the 5 electives, based on approval of the Program Director and Graduate Faculty Group.

More information about this program is available from the Office of Graduate Admissions.