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Degree Pathway, Education Specialist (Ed.S.), Reading and Language, Non-Licensure

Sample Degree Pathway for Education Specialist - Reading and Language

This thirty (30) credit program is designed to meet the needs of experienced practitioners who already hold a M.Ed. in a field other than reading and language. The program is open only to teachers who work in Massachusetts schools and who hold either an initial or professional Massachusetts teaching license in Elementary Education, English Language Learners, Moderate Disabilities or Early Childhood Education. Candidate must have a minimum of 3 years teaching experience.
Foundations of Education
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 3
EDUC.6300 Educating Diverse Populations 3
Specialization in Reading and Language
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 18
EDUC.6100 Teaching Reading in the Content Area 3
EDUC.5220 Young Adult Literature 3
EDUC.5270 Language Acquisition
EDUC.5280 Assessment of Reading and Language Disabilities 3
EDUC.5290 Treatment of Reading and Language Disabilities* 3
EDUC.5490 Theory and Research: Reading and Language 3
*EDUC.5280 is a prerequisite for EDUC.5290. These two are best taken in consecutive semesters.

Non-Licensure Option

Research and Evaluation
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 3
Program Evaluation
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 3
EDUC.XXXX Select an appropriate EDUC course with permission of advisor.
Culminating Seminar
Course # Course Name Cr.
Total 3
EDUC.6560 Ed.S. Seminar 3
Candidates undertake an in-depth study of issues pertinent to PK-12 education and develop a product to address these issues. Candidates must complete 24 credits prior to registering for the Ed.S. Seminar.
Important Licensure Information - This program does NOT lead to licensure in any field. Instead, it provides the professional knowledge required for the continuing education of experienced practitioners. Candidates who complete the program successfully are awarded a Master of Education Degree, but cannot be endorsed for licensure in Massachusetts or in their own state.