Business Management Curriculum for the Doctor of Engineering (D.Eng.) Program

American competitiveness in world markets requires both technical innovation and the business skills to bring these innovations to market profitability. The management component of the University of Massachusetts Lowell’s Doctor of Engineering Program is designed to complement the technical training of the engineer with knowledge and skills in team management, financial decision making under market uncertainty, sensitivity to market needs, leading edge manufacturing techniques, and winning business strategies.

The philosophy and goals of the management component of the Doctor of Engineering program is to develop a person who can effectively extend the limits of technology both as a member of a professional work team and as a member of a global society. Today’s professionals will find that, over their work lives, they will hold several different types of positions in fields using their professional education in the business world, in academia, or in other endeavors. Regardless of the environment, a core of “management” skills will be required for success. The professional must be able to understand the external and internal work environment, understand the criteria that form the basis for decisions, and understand and evaluate the implications of those decisions.

The management curriculum for the Doctor of Engineering program is six 2-credit courses and is intended to provide flexibility for the engineering students.  Students may select four of the 2-credit Graduate Certificate courses which most appropriately meet their professional and educational needs.  Students are encouraged to complete the remaining two courses to qualify for the Graduate Certificate in the Foundations of Business.  These courses do not assume a previous knowledge of business or management subjects by the engineering student.