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Group Swim Lesson Class Descriptions

Note to the parents: Each level teaches skills that take time to master. We take pride in the quality of our lessons, and it is important to us that swimmers master each level before advancing. Each child is different and progresses at different rates. Please take time to review the class descriptions below to determine the most appropriate level to start. Once in the program we will provide level recommendations after each swim session.

Adult (45 minutes)

Multiple instructors offer a personalized approach to developing water comfort, a strong kick, proper breathing technique, stroke work, survival skills such as treading and floating, and an introduction to diving. We serve all levels, from beginners to triathletes, within the supportive environment of the adult class.

  • Adult Beginner: Designed for adults with no previous swim experience.
  • Adult Intermediate: Designed for adults with some swim ability.
  • Adult Expert: Designed for experienced adults that are able to lap swim.

Parent/Child (30 minutes)

This level is for children as young as 6 months up to 3 years in age. We split up this level into 2 separate groups. The 8:30 a.m. Parent/Child class will be for children 6-18 months old and the Parent/Child 9 a.m. class will be for children 18 months – 3 years in age. Young children respond to familiar routine, so our parent/child classes follow a routine of repetitive songs and activities, spiraled to reinforce water comfort, kick development and breath holding, all achieved through play. We follow the McKay model of child centered on non-forceful swim instruction, which sequentially teaches swimmers to hold their breath on cue. Parents must be willing to be cheerfully supportive in the water with their child. They must be willing to follow the instructor’s lead and replicate the McKay sequence of breath holding techniques taught in the class. This replication should continue even during bath time at home for best results.

Level 1A Parent/Child (45 minutes)

This pilot offering serves as a community style transition class. This class is designed for swimmers 3 and older who show swimming readiness skills (or an interest in those skills), but still show a desire to swim with a parent. This includes holding their breath on cue, willingness to jump from the side to an adult, and a steady, productive kick. Swimmers will have greater opportunity to practice skills because they will have constant parent supervision allowing them more water time. Parents must be willing to follow instructor’s cues from in the water. There will be passing of swimmers between parents and instructors, as well as parent to parent. This class will be taught at 9:30 a.m., 10:15 a.m. and 11 a.m.

Level 1A No Parent (45 minutes)

This is for beginners ages 3 & 4 who are transitioning from parent/child to independent lessons. Parents are asked to sit in a group by the side of the pool to supervise children to help ensure safety and comfort. Children work on prone gliding, breath holding, jumping, back floats, and other early swim skills. The main goals for these swimmers are to enter and exit the pool, submerge independently, float on their back for five seconds, and kick on their stomachs for three body lengths completely on their own. This class will be taught at 11:45 a.m.

Level 1B (45 minutes)

For beginners ages 4 and older who are willing to participate fully with no parent intervention. Swimmers must possess maturity to follow directions and hold wall safely while they are not working with an instructor. Children work on extending their swim beyond 3 body lengths while holding their breath. They will learn how to take ballistic breaths while extending swim. They will float on their back for an extended time, begin kicking for propulsion while on back, and will perform a prone glide with their face in the water. They will jump in and swim to the wall completely unsupported.

Level 2 (45 minutes)

This level encompasses a large transition phase in swimming. Swimmers begin to develop endurance while kicking and taking regular breaths. They are learning bilateral breathing in freestyle, proper arm strokes and body position in backstroke, and sitting and kneeling diving skills are introduced.

Level 3 (45 minutes)

Swimmers in level 3 should comfortably travel across the width of the pool multiple times without assistance. They perfect their rotary breathing in freestyle and practice endurance. Dives progress to standing dives and treading water is introduced. In addition, backstroke is perfected and breaststroke kick is learned.

Level 4 (45 minutes)

Swimmers continue to develop whole strokes while building the endurance to transition to lap swimming. Participants learn more advanced technique in freestyle and backstroke and full stroke breaststroke is introduced. Swimmers learn how to dive from a block and tread water for longer periods of time is practiced.

Level 5 (1 hour)

This session takes place within lanes extending the length of the pool. Swimmers fine-tune their freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke, and are also introduced to butterfly. Swimming etiquette is introduced and practiced in this class. Competitive starts, flip turns, open turns, and pullouts are also introduced.

Level 6 (1 hour)

Our final level for serious swimmers applies racing level coaching to refine stroke technique, speed, and efficiency. Swimmers learn how to critique themselves as well as others to maximize improvement. Methods such as video analysis have been piloted within Level 6. Swimmers often go on to swim teams and lifeguarding certification following Level 6. Participants learn how to use a pace clock, swimming terminology, how to comprehend practice sets that are given and relay starts.