A wide shot of a beautiful canyon with hikers walking along a trail through it. The Outdoor Adventure Trips program seeks to offer a variety of safe and fun outdoor trips to UMass Lowell Community. We offer trips that meet every person's skill level in order to challenge each person to grow through the experience.We encourage teamwork, skill development, personal growth and appreciation of the outdoors throughout the trip experience.

Team Building and Experiential Education

Team Building 3

The Outdoor Adventure Program offers team building programs for student and community groups. We provide a unique experience customized for each group to meet their goals in a meaningful and fun way. Our leaders facilitate challenging and engaging activities based on a philosophy of Experiential Education. Expect to play, laugh, move, question, celebrate, and learn. 

Common Outcomes include:

  • Enhanced teamwork
  • Improved leadership
  • Communication
  • Increased trust
  • Increased confidence
  • Improved problem solving skills
  • Renewed energy and excitement towards program or teamTeam building 2

Group Size

Group Size can range from 8-50 people.


We offer portable initiative and low activities that can be provided at the Campus Recreation Center or other on-campus locations. Common activities include ice-breakers, name-games, energizers, Full Value Contracts, problem-solving initiatives, trust-building initiatives. We have a variety of activities that can meet groups needs. We currently do not provide a high ropes experience.


Team Building 1

Programs can range in time from 3 hours to full 8 hour days, based on your group's needs. 


There is minimal cost associated with programs for student groups. Community groups can contact us for an estimate.

Contact Kevin Soleil at 978-934-1932 to discuss options today.