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What to wear and Bring

What To Wear

There are a few items you MUST wear while paddling:

  • A personal flotation device (provided), is required to be present on all boats and boards by law. We require that PFDs are worn at all times while in our boats.
  • Shoes should we worn on at the boat house and may be taken off when you get in the boat. Sandals, flip flops or foam clogs are ideal for paddling.

We recommend you wear clothing appropriate for the temperature of the air and the water. Clothing made of wicking synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester is recommended. Swim suits encouraged but are not required. On cool or breezy days you will want to wear a fleece and/or rain jacket. We recommend you wear sunglasses and a sun hat for sun protection.

What to Bring

Bring a valid ID and credit or debit card with you to the Kayak Center. Always bring a water bottle or two, a snack and sunscreen. Our rule of thumb is: don't bring anything in the kayak that you don't want to get wet or sink to the bottom of the river. If you do need to bring those items, we recommend you seal them in a drybag or 2 ziplock bags. Many of our kayaks are outfitted with water-resistant hatches where personal items such as clothing or snacks can be stored in a semi dry and out of the way place yet accessed on the water if needed. This is a great place to stow an extra layer, backpack or a lunch, but not recommended for your telephone.