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Boat Sales

Boat, Board and Equipment Sales


We provide new kayaks for our rental program each year. At the end of our summer season they are sold to the public.

To be notified for additions to our used inventory or when boat sales go live please register online for our general interest group.

Kayaks are used during rental and instructional programs from May - August They are maintained throughout the summer by kayak center staff and experience normal wear and tear due to rental and summer conditions; some typical wear you may see are: scratches on the hull and discolored deck lines due to sun exposure. Such conditions do not significantly affect the integrity of the equipment. All kayaks are sold as-is and are available for pickup August 31, 3-8 p.m. and September 1, 2018 from 10 a.m. - 8 p.m.

If you have any questions about a specific kayak, or which kayak may best fit your needs, our staff are available to assist you. We encourage you to come rent with us this summer and try these boats out for yourself, it’s a great fleet!

Please see our full policies and sale terms below.

2018 Inventory - Select Items ARE ACTIVE FOR SALE August 1, 2018.

TypeApproximate Number RemainingBoat, Board or Equipment DescriptionPrice (Before Tax)Purchase for pickup August 31 / September 1
Stand-up Paddleboards3Glide Rental 10$750Purchase Online
Stand-up Paddleboards3Glide Rental 11$775Purchase Online
Canoes1Old Town Discovery 15 (molded seats)$575Purchase Online
CanoesNot For SaleMad River Journey 156

Recreational Kayaks1Perception Prodigy 12$425Purchase Online
Recreational KayaksNot For SalePerception Tribe 11.5
Recreational Kayaks1Old Town Dirigo 120$450Purchase Online
Light TouringWaitlistedNecky Looksha 12$575Purchase Online
Light TouringWaitlistedWilderness Systems Tsunami 125$600Purchase Online
Light Touring1Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 (No Rudder)$675Purchase Online
Light TouringNot For SaleDagger Alchemy 15 L
Light Touring1Dagger Stratos 15.5 S$775Purchase Online
Light Touring1Dagger Stratos 15.5 L$775Purchase Online
Tandem KayakWaitlistedPerception Cove 14T$550Purchase Online
Tandem KayakNot For SalePerception Tribe 13T
Paddles and Accessories8emptyCarlisle Magic Kayak Paddle 220cm$45Purchase Online
Paddles and Accessories6Carlisle Magic Kayak Paddle 230cm$45Purchase Online
Paddles and Accessories2Werner Tybee FG 2pc Kayak Paddle 210cm$70Purchase Online
Paddles and Accessories6Werner Tybee FG 2pc Kayak Paddle 215cm$70Purchase Online
Paddles and Accessories1Werner Tybee FG 2pc Kayak Paddle 220cm$70Purchase Online
Paddles and Accessories4Werner Skagit FG 2pc Kayak Paddle 220cm$70Purchase Online
Paddles and Accessories6Werner Vibe Family Adjustable SUP Paddle$80Purchase Online
Paddles and Accessories4emptyCarlisle Standard T Grip Canoe Paddle 60in$20Purchase Online
Paddles and AccessoriesNot For SaleNRS Clearwater Life Jacket
Paddles and AccessoriesNot For SaleExtrasport Universal Life Jacket
Paddles and AccessoriesWaitlistedVarious Models and Adult Sizes SM-XL
NRS, MTI Brand
Life Jackets
$30Purchase Online
Paddles and Accessories4NRS Foam Blocks and Straps for car toppingKayak Blocks $32
15' Straps
Purchase Online

Boat Sales General interest Mailing List

To be notified for additions to our used inventory or when boat sales go live please register online.

Boat / Board / Accessory Sale Terms

  • Payment and Reservation
    Boats, boards and accessories must be paid for in full via credit card in order to be reserved. All sales reservations are first come first serve starting August 1, 2018. Many models have multiple units of various color/wear/use. Specific units are selected on a first come first served basis at time of pickup.
  • Pick Up of Purchased Boats, Boards and Equipment
    All boats, boards and equipment will be used in our rental fleet through August 31, 2018. Fully paid and reserved items will be available for pickup on August 31 and September 1.  After the initial pickup window, equipment will be available by appointment only Monday – Friday subject to staff availability. Please email or call 978-934-1932 to schedule an appointment.
  • All Items Sold Used, As Is
    A good faith effort will be made to ensure all essential features of boats and equipment are functioning properly at the time of pickup. Most equipment will have minor to moderate cosmetic blemishes and normal wear and tear. Upon taking possession of equipment all repairs are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  • Multiple Units of Same Model
    To purchase multiple units of the same model please visit or call the kayak center 978-995-2362 or call our office 978-934-1932 for availability. Due to our system limitations the same customer cannot register online for the same model multiple times.
  • Cancellation
    In the event that a customer wishes to cancel their purchase before they take possession of the items they may do so at any time up until they take possession of it. Returns will not be accepted after a boat, board or equipment leaves our facility. Once a customer takes possession of equipment the sale is considered final.
  • Waitlist
    After the available items have been reserved, customers registering for unavailable items will be placed on a waitlist. Credit card information will be collected but no charge will be made. In the event that a cancellation is made or additional units become available the next waitlisted customer will be contacted. Upon notification of an available unit, waitlisted customers will have 24 hours to respond and complete the purchase or decline before the next waitlisted customer will be contacted. If declined, all claims to the sale are immediately forfeited.