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Image of U-Crossing Stairway

U-Crossing Stairs Challenge

Fall 2016 Stairs Challenge


Download the U-Crossing Stairs Challenge flyer.

The U-Crossing Stairs Challenge is an initiative to encourage faculty, staff and students to use the stairs in U-Crossing instead of taking the elevators if they are physically able to do so.

This program will start October 3 and will end on November 11 after finals week. Here is how the program works:

  1. To participate simply pick up your U-Crossing Stairs Challenge punch card from U-Crossing including the Information desk.
  2. Each time you walk up or down a flight of stairs simply have the U-Crossing information desk staff punch your card. A flight of stairs is defined as going up or down between one floor in U-Crossing. For example, if you walk up to the fourth floor and back down, that would equal 8 flights of stairs.
  3. After you fill up the card with 20 flights, simply drop off your card to U-Crossing information desk to be entered into a weekly raffle to win prizes. You may pick up another card and start all over again. As you climb more stairs and return completed cards, you increase your chances of winning a prize and becoming more fit at the same time!

Please Note: For those who are not physically able to walk the stairs you can complete alternate exercises to participate including: simply complete 30 seconds of arm circles or arm movements similar to walking fast or running. This can be done inside your elevator ride or wherever you feel comfortable participating inside U-Crossing. Each 30 second set of exercise will be the equivalent of 1 flight of stairs. Campus Recreation can supply small hand weights to increase the difficulty if you wish to increase your effort. If you are interested in checking out small hand weights, please contact

Raffle Prizes

After the punch cards are collected each week, we will raffle off a prize or prizes for that week. At the end of the program one grand prize winner will be announced. Weekly prizes will include t-shirts, water bottles, shaker cups and more!

The grand prize will be a free personal training package to the Campus Recreation Center. This includes five personal training sessions which incorporate a comprehensive fitness assessment and individualized workout program.

2016 raffle winners listed below:

  • Week 1
    (October 7): Richard Gathecha
  • Week 2
    (October 14): Jay Dolan
  • Week 3
    (October 21): Melanie Case
  • Week 4
    (October 28): Elsie Otero
  • Week 5
    (November 4): Abigael Maina
  • Week 6
    (November 11): Teresa Jardon

Grand Prize Leaders Standings

  • 1st: Jay Dolan (940)
  • 2nd: Elsie Otero (760)
  • 3rd: Richard Gathecha (480)

Total Flights

  • Week 1: 400 Flights
  • Week 2: 720 Flights
  • Week 3: 600 Flights
  • Week 4: 560 Flights
  • Week 5: 540 Flights
  • Week 6: 460 Flights

Total: 3280 Flights!

For more information on the U-Crossing Stairs Challenge, please contact Diana Davis or view the U-Crossing Stairs Challenge flyer.