Campus Recreation Center
Alex Sann
Alex Sann Personal Trainer


Exercise Physiology Student, American Heart Association CPR/AED Certified

Educational Background

Undergraduate Exercise Physiology Student


What got you interested in fitness and exercise?

For as long as I could remember, I have always been a very active individual involved in sports such as football and volleyball. The only problem was that I was very undersized, especially during my high school years, and would get teased about it. Finally, one day I decided to make a change to improve my strength, power, and size. While I was very new to a gym setting and knew very little about organized workout routines, I set my mind to complete my goals no matter how hard I had to work and how long it took. Once I started to see changes and feel stronger, I became addicted to exercise and never stopped. The best part is that I made it all happen through my own self-motivation!

Why did you want to become a personal trainer at Campus Recreation? 

Seeing my own satisfying results motivated me to want to help others achieve their fitness goals and make their ideal body image come true. There's no better environment to take advantage of that than at UMass Lowell, where the students and faculty are all friendly and highly motivated people.

What is your philosophy on fitness? 

Be open-minded because there is always room to learn no matter how experienced or wise you may be. Fitness is a lifestyle and comes with endless possibilities. 

What are some of your hobbies and other interests? 

Good ol' American Football, volleyball, boxing/kickboxing, anything and everything that involves being outdoors!