Campus Recreation Center
Sam Nesbit
Sam Nesbit Personal Trainer


American Red Cross CPR/AED & First Aid Certified

Educational Background

Undergraduate student studying Exercise Physiology


What got you interested in fitness and exercise?
I have always loved moving around in any shape or form, but high school is when I started to take fitness seriously. I started high school off only playing soccer as a sport. I was extremely out of shape, and skinny compared to all of the other kids. After that season of just surviving each practice and not getting a lot of playing time, I decided to whip myself in shape. After learning about all these interesting ways to exercise besides going on long runs, I started to fall in love with fitness. It allowed me to be more open minded and even try out other sports that I never saw myself doing like track and ultimate frisbee. I finally hit the weight room, which felt uncomfortable at first, but soon enjoyed just as much as the aerobic side. Finding fun ways to better myself each day is a passion of mine now along with showing others different ways to move as well. 
Why did you want to become a personal trainer at Campus Recreation? 
I know firsthand what it feels like to make progress. It’s the best feeling in the world knowing today you could do something you couldn’t do last week. Being able to help others achieve that same feeling is a dream come true for me. The UML Campus Recreation Center is truly about helping people achieve their goals, which is exactly why I chose to work there. 
What is your philosophy on fitness? 
I believe fitness is a tool that can be used to improve all aspects of life. From improving body mechanics to moving pain free, to using it as therapy to take a break from the real world. 
What are some of your hobbies and other interests? 
I love doing anything outside from playing a game of soccer or basketball with some friends, to going on runs to clear my head. I’m also not shy to spending an afternoon watching Netflix with a big bag of Doritos at my side.