Campus Recreation Center
Casey McNamara
Casey McNamara Personal Trainer


NETA Personal Trainer Certification

Educational Background

Exercise Physiology Major, graduation expected in May 2017


Junior in the Exercise Physiology program, hope to pursue a career in physical therapy, enjoy meeting new people and love doing outside activities. Also a lover of dogs and being with family and friends.
What got you interested in fitness and exercise?  
I played sports throughout high school and fell in love with being active, then started getting familiar with the gym and fell in love with working out and doing different exercises and thought it would be great to share this love and passion with others to help them enjoy exercising and it's benefits as much as I do.
Why did you want to become a personal trainer at Campus Recreation?  
It is a great community of students, staff and the general Lowell public where everyone is encouraging and friendly and it's a great opportunity to apply what is learned in the classroom to a familiar place located on campus. The atmosphere of workers and members is amazing and it's a great work environment.
What is your philosophy on fitness?  
My philosophy on fitness is that you have to want to be healthy and need to find something you love to do that will help in reaching your fitness goals. By doing exercises that you enjoy and want to do most days then that is the best way to obtain a healthier lifestyle and keep up with fitness routines. Passion and motivation are just some of the best qualities a person can have when wanting to achieve a certain fitness goal.
What are some of your hobbies and other interests?  
My favorite hobby is racing motocross, I also love dogs, food, and spending time with my friends and family