Campus Recreation Center
Annalisa Mazza
Annalisa Mazza Personal Trainer


NETA Certified Personal Trainer, American Red Cross CPR/AED & First Aid Certified

Educational Background

University of Massachusetts Lowell, Biology/Premed major, anticipated graduation 2018


What got you interested in fitness and exercise?
I grew up playing soccer my whole life, however it wasn't until high school that I started weightlifting to gain upper body strength. I was never comfortable with my body image and I realized that by combining strength training with sports, I could transform my body into something I was proud of. The more I saw my body transform and how good I felt after exercising, the more I became interested in fitness and exercise.

Why did you want to become a personal trainer at Campus Recreation?
I want to become a trainer here at the university to help others understand how fitness can help them with more just losing weight; how it helps them release stress and makes them feel better about themselves. I think it is a great opportunity to express and explain to others how transforming their body's through fitness and exercise can give them a more positive mindset.

What is your philosophy on fitness?
My philosophy on fitness is that someone should focus on making exercise enjoyable. Whether it is weightlifting, running, biking, yoga, or dance classes, once you find something you love to do, you will realize that working out can be enjoyable. I also think it is important to have set fitness goals that you want to achieve and to track your workouts daily to track your progress and see how you're improving!

What are some of your hobbies and other interests?
Outside of the gym I love to hike and ski. My favorite  activity is playing rugby on the university women's club team. When I have extra time, I also like going to the beach and traveling.