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Class Descriptions

Restore your mind, forget the grind!
An approach blending various styles of Yoga to improve flexibility, strength, and breathing techniques. This class is wonderful for all levels. Get together with your best body.
Ignite Strength
Hustle and muscle!
This class incorporates dumbbells, resistance bands, body weight and steps. It will take you through all major lifts to improve your overall strength, muscular and cardiovascular endurance. Leave class feeling stronger and with more knowledge about weightlifting. Squat and press, relieve your stress!
Pedal to the Medal!
Flats, hills, jumps and sprints in a challenging, energizing indoor cycle class. Boost your meabolism, increase energy and endurance, while listening to upbeat and engaging music. Water & Towel are recommended. Come on in and take a spin!
Knockout and rockout!
Kick your body into high gear in this challenging cardio inspired workout! Suitable for all fitness levels, kickboxing will take you through jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks in a stress relieving workout. Leave class feeling empowered and self-confident. Kickstart your way to a better you!
Move and be moved!
Be prepared to move and be moved! Zumba is a cardio-dance based workout designed for everyone. Burn fat and tone your body at the same time. Ditch the workout. Join the party!
Ignite H.I.I.T
Sprint the intense intervals!
Break a sweat in this high intensity interval training class that will be a full body workout. This metabolic conditioning class will have you pushing through high intensity intervals while torching up your metabolism. This class is appropriate for all fitness levels as intensity is participant controlled.

Class Levels

All of our group fitness classes are appropriate for all levels. The instructors will provide modifications to either increase or decrease the intensity of the workout.