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COVID-19 Protocols

Campus Recreation Reopen Guidelines and Safety Procedures

The Campus Recreation Center (CRC) will be open for the Fall 2020 semester. Here are important changes we have made to ensure the safety of our participants.

CRC Access and Reservation System

  • Only on-campus residential students will have access to the CRC and Campus Rec Complex for the Fall 2020 semester. Faculty/Staff, commuter students and paid members will not have access this fall. To view current hours, visit the Campus Rec. website or follow CRC Updates on Twitter.
  • In order to use the CRC, eligible students must sign up for their workout time slot(s) online. 60-minute reservations can be made for the same day or following day. Each student can make up to four, 60-minute reservations per day. Eligible students will be prompted to complete a COVID-19 questionnaire prior to making their online reservation(s). Note: Students that list any COVID-19 symptoms will not be allowed to make a reservation.
  • View current CRC hours.

Campus Recreation COVID-19 Safety Measures

  • Everyone in the CRC is required to wear a face covering at all times. Exception: medical condition or cardio equipment on the basketball courts where high-intensity exercise is expected; all cardio machines in this location are safely distanced by 14 feet per Massachusetts guidelines.
  • CRC capacity limit will be 100; each specific activity space inside CRC has its own capacity limit based on square footage, available equipment, etc.
  • Campus Recreation Complex (turf fields and tennis courts) max user capacity will be 25.
  • All equipment available for use inside CRC is physically distanced by six feet or 14 feet per Massachusetts guidelines.
  • Most cardio and selectorized strength equipment has been moved onto the basketball courts to allow for proper spacing. Remaining fitness equipment is spaced out appropriately in the main fitness center and atrium fitness area.
  • Students will scan their own ID and confirm registration with a CRC staff member when they enter
  • As students enter the CRC they will be issued a mini disinfectant spray bottle and will be expected to wipe down all equipment before/after each use. This is in addition to disinfectant and hand sanitizer stations throughout building.
  • All customer service desks have plexiglas barriers.
  • Students are encouraged to bring their own personal equipment (i.e. yoga mats, hand wraps/straps, ping pong/pool equipment, etc.). The CRC will have limited equipment for checkout; all checkout items will be disinfected before and after each use.
  • The CRC will be cleaned according to university standards; additionally, CRC staff will regularly clean fitness equipment throughout the day and address high-touch points.

Campus Recreation Activity Spaces & Equipment Updates

  • Ping Pong tables will be available inside the racquetball and squash courts. Only 2 people will be allowed to enter a court to play at one time. Face coverings are required.
  • Pool tables will be available in the main atrium. Students can play one on one or in pairs, but must maintain six feet physical distance.
  • The main two-floor fitness center and fitness space in the front atrium will be open with machines distanced by at least six feet. Face coverings are required at all times and patrons must maintain six feet physical distance. No group workouts allowed. Students who use free weights are encouraged to lift an appropriate amount of weight; regular spotting is not allowed due to physical distancing guidelines.
  • Multipurpose basketball courts have cardio and strength fitness equipment distanced by 14 feet on courts 1 and 2 and along the perimeter of the entire gymnasium. Face coverings are required on all strength equipment but are optional on cardio equipment in CRC gymnasium (per MA state guidelines because our cardio machines are 14 feet apart in our gymnasium). Face coverings must be worn until student arrives at their piece of cardio equipment before they can remove it and they must be put back on before exiting machine.
  • All restrooms and hallway lockers will be open for use with six feet physical distancing.
  • Indoor track is open for use. Face coverings required and there is a 10 person capacity limit.
  • CRC activity spaces that will remain closed include: Studio 2 and locker rooms (including showers and saunas).
  • Free Wheelers will be available for checkout at the CRC only. Hours will be posted on the Free Wheelers Bike Share website. High-touch points will be disinfected before and after each checkout.
  • Campus Recreation Complex will be open to on-campus students only for approved physically-distanced activities. A minimum of six feet physical distance is required at all times. No groups of 5 or more and no team games, scrimmages, or practices allowed. Eligible students can enter gate with student U-CARD.

Campus Recreation Facilities Open Fall 2020

  • Campus Recreation Center
  • Campus Recreation Complex

Campus Recreation Facilities Closed Fall 2020

  • Riverview Fitness Center (South Campus)
  • Outdoor Center and Bike Shop
  • Boathouse/Kayak Center

Campus Recreation Fall 2020 Program Updates

  • View all of our virtual options!
  • Group Fitness (GFIT) classes will be offered in person on the turf in front of the CRC; no reservation is required but classes are limited to on-campus students and 25 max capacity (including instructor). Students will be physically distanced by 14 feet with turf markings. Face coverings must be worn by participants until they get to their 14 feet station. Some group fitness classes will be held inside the CRC gymnasium court 1 as weather conditions change outdoors. Per MA state guidelines all indoor participants will maintain physically distanced by 14 feet which is denoted by floor markings and no more than 25 participants (including instructor). Face coverings must be worn until participant reaches their 14 feet station on gym court 1. To view current GFIT class schedules, visit the Group Fitness webpage.
  • Club Sports competitions and practices are cancelled
  • Outdoor Adventure and bicycle programs are cancelled
  • Intramural Sports in-person competitions are cancelled. There will be some e-sports leagues offered. To view current schedules, visit the Intramural Sports Calendar webpage.
  • To view all Campus Recreation virtual options this fall, visit: Campus Rec. website.