Club Sports

Purpose of Sport Clubs

Sport clubs are recognized student organizations that emphasize a specific sport or physical activity and stress the importance of student development and leadership. Sport clubs are strictly voluntary, student managed, and offer activities that can be recreational, instructional or competitive in nature. 

Club Sport teams help bridge the gap between intramural sports and varsity athletics allowing participants to enjoy extramural competition without the pressures of highly structured varsity sports. Clubs are student directed, with members required to assume responsibility for organizing contests and fundraising activities, and can be a great opportunity to develop leadership skills. Most club teams compete in leagues against other local and regional teams and some even compete nationally.

Please take time to browse the current clubs and sport networks listed on this page and navigate the left links on our website to find out how to start or join a club, download club forms, register as an alum or view the club sports photo gallery.

*Operates as a recreational network rather than a club. Sport club networks have been created to connect members of the UMass Lowell Community who share common recreational interests in activities that are not currently recognized sport clubs. Click on a sport club network above to find other UMass Lowell community members who have the same interest as you and enter your contact info to connect!

If interest dictates, new clubs may be formed as long as they meet the criteria set up by the Office of Campus Recreation. 

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