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Cycling Network Form

UMass Lowell Cycling Network

Join the Cycling Network

The purpose of this network is to allow cycling enthusiasts of the UML community to join together to train, organize group rides, and just have fun cycling. If you are interested in joining the network, make sure to register below and check out the current participants to start making connections today.

By filling out this form, you consent to your information being posted online. If you prefer not to leave your phone number, please write "xxx-xxx-xxxx."

Cycling Network Contact List

Name Phone Email
Zheng Li
Amit Choundhary 765-421-5125
Alex Bulger
Katelyn Brown 978-729-0043
Bea Querol 978-421-7621
Sannan Nizami 978-328-6768
Janki Soni
Eduardo Lugo 978-332-2600
Justin Lawler 978-934-2332
Peter Murray 978-934-2327
Samantha McGouldrick 978-821-0470
David Mesrobin 978-578-9595
Johnson Khath
Zach Taylor 603-566-3237
John Poikonen 617-329-1774
Candice Renaud 978-503-4687
Joe Bendor
Diana Estrella 603-557-9653
Swaroop Thool 617-207-8102
Matt Tagan 781-475-0133
Jonathan Reeney
Daniel Ormond
Jose Tapia 978-489-9035
Ryan Richer 508-240-4293
Suveer Panditrao
Owen Scott 508-663-9586
Naga Ganesh Kurapati 978-221-1983
Kreg Kaminski 978-383-3066
Kyle Coffey 978-934-6462
Nena Chorti
Everett Houston 857-498-5061
Ashley Figucia 978-604-2019
Jennifer Castro 603-438-2828
Nick Kim
Mary Butz
Brendan Shea
Alison Coye
Connor Flemming
Jigar Mawana
Kyle Hamblett
Chris Kenyon 978-380-0875
Matthew Arsenault 978-551-0811
Matthew Knight 978-505-8338
Xinyue Pang
Angel Garcia 787-948-2028
Agatha Adigwe 978-427-8801
Olayemi Musa 978-364-1430
Marcus Lithander 978-761-8678