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Kayak & Canoe Rentals

Kayak Rental Dates & Times

June 6 - August 31, 2015
  • Monday - Friday: 4 - 8 p.m. 
  • Saturday & Sunday: 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. 

Contact the Kayak Center at 978-995-2362 with questions or to make a reservation today!

Anyone can rent a kayak from our Kayak Center during these open hours. In addition to the above hours we are open for custom programs or shuttles 9 a.m. - 4 p.m. weekdays, by reservation.

Rental Options

Single Kayaks are suitable for one adult or one teen.
Tandem Kayaks & Canoes are suitable for two adults and 1-2 small children.

Kayak Rental Rates Single Kayaks Tandem Kayaks or Canoes
1 hour $15 $25
2 hour $30 $50
Half Day (4 hours) $45 $70

Note: We ask that you provide a valid ID or a credit card as collateral to rent a kayak or canoe.

*All rates include paddle(s), life jackets (PFDs) and basic safety instruction.

Season and Monthly Passes

Our season and monthly passes are a great bargain for people looking to spend seven or more days on the water with us each month. Passes are good for unlimited single kayak or canoe rentals. A $10 guest fee will apply each time a pass-holder rents a tandem kayak or canoe.

Pass Rates Public UMass Lowell
Summer Pass $225 $200
Monthly Pass $90 $80

Passes may also be purchased at the UMass Lowell Kayak Center.

Please note that no pets are allowed in our boats.


We accept credit card payments only. We do NOT accept American Express Cards. We accept debit cards if we can process them as a credit card. We do NOT accept cash. All rentals are subject to sales tax.


Kayaks may be reserved up to a week ahead of time by calling the Kayak Center during open hours at 978-995-2362. Feel free to leave a message!


A $5 discount per rental hour is available to UMass Lowell students, faculty, staff and alumni with a valid ID. Discounts may also be given to groups of 10 or more. Contact the Kayak Center in advance to reserve boats for your group and receive the discount.


  • Address: 500 Pawtucket Blvd Lowell, MA 01854 - The Kayak Center utilizes the outdoor space of the UMass Lowell Bellegarde Boathouse. During open hours, Kayak Center staff can be found near the dock area, at the table by the blue Kayak Center sign. On rainy days, the table is moved to the nearest open bay door.
  • Parking -  Free parking is available in the adjacent parking area for the Vandenberg Esplanade or along the shoulder of Pawtucket Blvd. 


Each person who wishes to participate in our programs and rentals must review and complete a release of liability waiver beforehand. To save you time, waivers can be reviewed and completed ahead of time by selecting one of the links below. Waivers are also available at the Kayak Center. Please contact Kevin Soleil, Assistant Director of Outdoor & Bicycle Programs at 978-934-1932 with any questions.

 Shuttle Service

Shuttle services are available daily. We take participants six miles upstream so that they can enjoy the peaceful two hour paddle downstream back to the boathouse. We also provide shuttles on the Nashua, Concord and Squannacook Rivers. Visit Shuttle Services for more information. 

 Adverse Weather Policy

The Kayak Center may open late or close early during adverse weather. We close in conditions when wind is above 10 mph, when white caps are visible on the water, after severe storms when water levels are expected to rise significantly and when thunderstorms threaten the area. You can always call us at 978-934-1932 to inquire if we are open during a specific day. If we have to cancel a program due to adverse weather we will make every effort to re-schedule the program or fully refund participants.

 What To Wear

There are a few items you MUST wear while kayaking:

  • A life jacket, or personal flotation device, is required by law
  • Shoes
  • Shirt

We recommend you wear clothing appropriate for the temperature. Clothing made of synthetic fabrics like nylon or polyester is recommended, although cotton is okay. Swim suits are not required. On cool or breezy days you may want to wear a jacket. We recommend you wear sunglasses and a sun hat for sun protection.

 What to Bring

Bring a valid ID and payment with you to the Kayak Center. Always bring a water bottle, snack and sunscreen. Our rule of thumb is: don't bring anything in the kayak that you don't want to get wet. If you do need to bring those items, we recommend you seal them in a waterproof or ziplock bag. Most of our kayaks are outfitted with water-proof hatches as well, where items can be stored in a dry and out of the way place yet accessed on the water if needed. This is a great place to stow an extra layer, backpack or a lunch.

 Ride Your Own Kayak or Canoe 

For those who own their own kayak or canoe, there is a $4 fee to launch out of the Kayak Center dock. To use our shuttle service, the $10 or $15 shuttle fee applies, but you will not be charged a rental fee; just pay the fee for any location and we will load you and your kayak/canoe upstream. If you have a rowing shell you would like to launch at our boathouse, we encourage all adult rowers to join the Merrimac River Rowing Association for access.