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Our bike mechanics are trained to service a wide variety of bicycles. Bring your bike by for a free assessment or any of our reasonably priced services.

Basic Services (Not Including Parts)

Service UMass Lowell Prices Public Prices
Fill Tires with Air Free! Free!
Inner-Tube or Tire Replacement $3.00
Shifting or Brake Adjustment $5.00 $7.00
Replace Cable & Housing $7.00
Wheel True $15.00
Handlebar Wrap $10.00

Turn-around times for services varies based on the season. Times are greater in April, May & September. Flat tires can be fixed in about a half hour. Small repairs and tune-ups can typically be completed within a day. Major repairs or specific parts replacement generally takes multiple days. We will let you know the expected wait time when you bring your bike into the shop.

Free Assessments

Mechanics perform a complete assessment on every bike that comes into the shop for repairs. Assessments are free, and an essential part of the repair process. Often times, one problem or one broken part can impact many other parts. When we assess and understand the function of the bike as a whole, we can provide a better and longer lasting repair service. Mechanics will assess all bikes for condition of parts including but not limited to:

  • Pedals and Crankarms
    Damage and Wear
  • Chain
    Damage, Dirt, Breakage
  • Shifting
    Hanger & Derailleurs, Cable Wear, Ease of Shifting
  • Bottom Bracket
    Grinding or Looseness
  • Frame & Seat
    Breakage, Bends, or Rust
  • Wheels & Tires
    Punctures, Rot, Debris, Warp, Wobble, or Grinding
  • Brakes
    Cable & Pad Wear and Adjustment, Lever Damage

Whether you have a specific concern or just want to know the condition of your bike, we can assess all aspects of your bike and give you a repair estimate at any time.


Bicycle tune-ups are recommended on an annual basis or every 1,000-3,000 miles. For those who ride in the winter, a spring tune up is important no matter how many miles you've ridden, salt, grime, and moisture can cause rust to build up throughout your bike. Tune ups help maintain your bike’s level of function. Our tune-up options are listed below.

Ride Prep: $20.00 (UMass Lowell Student, Staff, Faculty) $35 (Public)

Brakes: Inspected, Adjusted, and Lubricated

Shifters: Inspected, Adjusted, and Lubricated
Chain: Lubricated
Safety Inspection: Major bolts checked for torque
Full Tune-Up: $45.00 (UMass Lowell Student, Staff, Faculty) $65 (Public)

Full Tune-Up includes All Services in Ride Prep with the Addition of:

Wheels: Both wheels trued

Frame: Cleaned

Full drivetrain cleaning can be added to Full Tune Up for an additional $25

For questions contact us at 978-934-6797 or email