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Shop Services

Our Mechanics are trained to repair any kind of bike, from road to mountain; New to vintage.

The shop labor rate is $25 per hour, however we offer special pricing on many common repairs listed below.


Fill Low Tires with Air Free
Inner-Tube or Tire Replacement $5.00
Gear or Brake Adjustment $5.00
Replace Cable & Housing $20.00
Wheel True $15.00
Clean and Oil Chain $20.00
Bearing Adjustment or Repacking $20.00
Handlebar Wrap Free With Purchase
New Bike Assembly $75.00

Turn-around times for services varies based on the season. Times are greater in April, May & September. Flat tires can be fixed in about a half hour. Small repairs and tune-ups can typically be completed within a day. Major repairs or specific parts replacement generally takes multiple days. We will let you know the expected wait time when you bring your bike into the shop.

Free Assessments

Mechanics perform a complete assessment on every bike that comes into the shop for repairs. Assessments are free, and an essential part of the repair process. Often times, one problem or one broken part can impact many other parts. When we can assess and understand the functioning of the bike as a whole, we can provide a better and longer lasting repair service. Mechanics will assess all bikes for condition of parts including but not limited to:

Pedal and Crank

Damage and Wear
Damage, Dirt, Breakage
Shifters Hanger & Derailleurs,
Cable Wear,
Ease of Shifting
Bottom Bracket Grinding or Looseness
Frame & Seat
Breakage, Bends, or Rust
Wheels & Tires Punctures, Rot, Debris, Warp, Wobble, or Grinding
Cable & Pad Wear and Adjustment, Lever Damage

Whether you have a specific concern or just want to know the condition of the bike from your garage, we will assess all aspects of your bike and give you an estimate at any time.


Bicycle tune ups are recommended on an annual basis or every 1,000-3,000 miles. For those who ride in the winter, a spring tune up is important no matter how many miles you've ridden, salt, grim, and moisture can cause rust to build up throughout your bike. Tune ups can help improve your bike’s ride, shifting, and speed. From a Mini Tune-Up to a Mother-Overhaul, we have something to fit every budget and get you cycling smoothly in no time.

Mini Tune-Up: $35.00


Levers Lubricated and Secured
Calipers Lubricated and Centered
Pad Alignment and Wear Checked


Levers Inspected Secured
Cables Lubricated and Adjusted
Chain: Lubricated
Frame & Seat: Secured or Repositioned
Crank Arms, Chain Ring, Bolts, and Pedals Secured
All Accessory Mountings Secured

Full Tune-Up: $55.00
Full Tune-Up includes All Services in Mini Tune-Up with the addition of:
Bottom Bracket: Repacked and Greased
Hub & Headset: Hub Adjusted and Headset Adjusted
Wheels: Trued
Freewheel: Lubricated
Brake and Shifter Cable and Housing Replaced (cost of parts is included)