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Sarah Heemstra

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Sarah Heemstra, B.S. Intramural Sports and Facility Operations Intern

Educational Background

B.S. in Sport Management with a minor in Leadership from the University of Minnesota


Sarah Heemstra graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Sport Management and a minor in Leadership in May 2019. As an undergrad, she worked all four years at the Recreation and Wellness Center "RecWell" in facilities, intramurals, and special events. In her senior year, Heemstra started the Unified Intramural basketball league to promote inclusive recreation that stretches beyond the people on campus. Throughout her time in Minnesota, Sarah attended games of all professional Minnesota sports teams and would hope to accomplish the same for New England teams. During her Intramural tenure in her undergrad, she won the staff dodgeball tournament, Co-Rec flag football, and is a 3-time champion of Co-Rec volleyball. In her free time, Sarah enjoys exploring the Northeast, rock climbing, camping, and playing/watching sports.