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Tutoring Schedule

The tutoring schedule can be filtered by the drop-down menus below.

You may only join the tutoring room during the hours scheduled, make sure you look at the times listed.

For instance, if you want to search for a specific course that we tutor, then click on the arrow below course and you can choose for example: "Calculus I (Formerly 92.131) - MATH .1310".

You could also search by date if you are wanting to see what is being tutored for a specific day for example: Tuesday, September 22.

If you are unsure of the course, you can search by Subject, for instance MATH.... then when you click the course menu, you will only see math courses there.

Note: All Tutoring sessions are remote, so leave the location as any.

To enter a Tutoring zoom room, click the link near the tutor. This will take you to a page where you will use your UMass-Lowell email credentials to log in, and then it will take you to a "join session" link.