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International Tutor Training Program Certification (ITTPC)

ITTPC certifies tutor training programs in post-secondary educational institutions. Once certified, the tutor training programs each have the authority to certify their tutors who have met the approved ITTPC tutor training program requirements.

The purpose of the ITTPC program is twofold. First, it provides recognition and positive reinforcement for tutors' successful work from an international organization, CRLA. Second, CRLA's tutor certification process sets an internationally accepted standard of skills and training for tutors. ITTPC does not certify tutors or tutor trainers, but instead certifies tutor training programs which can, in turn, certify their tutors.

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New England Peer Tutor Association (NEPTA)

Each year, peer tutors from two-year and four-year institutions gather to share their experiences and expertise with other peer tutors at the New England Peer Tutor Association (NEPTA) Spring Conference. This is the only “for tutors, by tutors” gathering of its kind in New England.

The steering committee includes academic support specialists from both private and public colleges and universities throughout New England. Past and present Tutoring Coordinators at the Centers for Learning at UMass Lowell have been active members of the NEPTA steering committee since its inception.

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