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Contact Us

Sheila Riley-Callahan, M. Ed.
Executive Director of Academic Services & Special Programs
Phone: 978-934-2946
E-mail: Sheila Riley-Callahan

David Driscoll, M.A.
Associate Director of Academic Services Operations 
Phone: 978-934-2942
E-mail: David_Driscoll

Kristen Rhyner, M. Ed. 
Associate Director of Academic Services
Undergraduate Transfer Support and Advising
Phone: 978-934-2920 

Todd Borchers, M. Ed.
Coordinator of Advising & Tutoring Services
Phone: 978-934-2948
Fax: 978-934-3070
E-mail: Todd_Borchers

Judith Frank, M. Ed.
Training and Operations Specialists
Phone: 978-934-2456
E-mail: Judith_Frank

George Thompson, Ph.D
Coordinator of Tutoring Services & Strategies for Success
Phone: 978-934-2947
E-mail: George_Thompson

Douglas Cooper, M.S.
Coordinator of Retention Initiatives
Phone: 978-934-4548
E-mail: Douglas_Cooper

Reaksmey Roeung-Meas
Coordinator of Undeclared Exploratory Program
Phone: 978-934-2458
E-mail: Reaksmey_RoeungMeas

Dara Duong
Coordinator UMLSAMP Grant Program 
Phone: 978-934-5273  
E-mail: Dara_Duong 

Shreelekha Girish
Academic Advisor
Phone: 978-934-6621  
E-mail: Shreelekha_Girish

Alexis Mason 
Academic Advisor  
Phone: 978-934-6621  
E-mail: Alexis_Mason