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College Access Challenge Grant

This program is sponsored by the Northeast Readiness Center, funded by the Massachusetts Department of Higher Education.

The collaboration is composed of Middlesex Community College (MCC), North Shore Community College (NSCC), Northern Essex Community College (NECC), Salem State University (SSU) in partnership with Salem Cyberspace (SCS), and University of Massachusetts Lowell (UML). The program targets students from public schools in the Northeast Region and will implement year two of the Northeast Regional Readiness Center College Access Project (NRRC-CAP), which will address required College Access Project requirements. All colleges are members of the Northeast Regional Readiness Center (NRRC), one of six statewide Pre-K-16 education and community collaborations designed to strengthen services and access for students and families.

The grant is housed and working under the Centers for Learning and Academic Support Services. The grant will provide ongoing case management and support to students who are first generation, economically disadvantaged or otherwise in need of help, over their first year in college. The services will include case management, one-on-one meetings, ongoing contact through email, social media (texting, Facebook and twitter), facilitation of access to support services such as tutoring or counseling, follow-up to be sure students are submitting required information and registering for classes on time, completing FAFSA and other financial aid and scholarship forms, and integrating into the college through participation in activities. Transition Specialists will also connect with other offices working with the students to ensure coordination of activities

For more information contact:

April O'Donnell
University of Massachusetts Lowell
First Year Transition Specialist
College Access Challenge Grant
Email: April O'Donnell

Centers for Learning and Academic Success
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