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students kayaking in florida

World View

UMass Lowell prepares students for exciting futures, whether it's next door, around the world or in space.
Devon White talks about her decision to go to Kuwait to help run the first affordable, comprehensive autism treatment center.
Students paddle their kayaks
Students spent winter breaking kayaking in Florida and stepping out of their comfort zones.
SPACE HAUC-1 satellite in orbit
NASA has funded the prototype for a small satellite designed and built by a team of more than 50 undergraduate students from UMass Lowell - dubbed SPACE HAUC - which will be launched into orbit in 2018, circling the Earth every 90 minutes while traveling at about 17,000 miles per hour.

Former Grade-School Participant Now Teaches Kids

String Project concert


Tears of pride welled up in the eyes of sophomore music education major Joshua Santana. As his young violin students shifted nervously in their chairs before their debut ensemble performance, he could hear them quietly singing to themselves:

“The fox walks on the wooden dock and dips his feet right in. He casts a hook ahead of him and listens to it sink, sink, sink.”

It’s a silly little ditty that Santana taught the kids to “register kinesthetically where to put their fingers on their bow.” But hearing them put it to use, well, “It blew me away,” Santana says.

Once a week, Santana teaches violin to 35 local grade-school students through the UMass Lowell String Project, a leading music education and community engagement initiative.

Santana knows firsthand what kind of impact the String Project can have: He’s an alumnus who joined in the third grade.

“I definitely see myself in some of these kids,” he says. “Hopefully I give them someone to look up to.”