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Assessment Testing

The Department of Higher Education requires all public institutions of higher learning to administer assessment tests to all incoming freshmen. The goal of the program is to properly place students in first-year math and English courses so that all students experience academic success. Students' assessment results will have a direct impact on their first-semester courses. Students CANNOT complete their first semester schedule until assessments are completed. Each admitted freshman is required to register for and complete an assessment testing appointment before attending Orientation. Testing requirements are based on your academic major, and will appear on your confirmation once you have scheduled an appointment. We offer two testing options, please see below.

Testing requirements & SAT/ACT Scores

Required tests depend on your major and SAT/ACT scores. UMass Lowell applicants are given the option to submit SAT/ACT scores to complete the application. In the event that applicants choose the "No Test Option" on their application, we will ask you to submit a screenshot of your SAT/ACT scores and email them to Please remember to include your name and scores in the screenshot. Students who do not submit their SAT/ACT scores will be required to take up to 3 tests to determine their course placement.

Local On-Campus Testing

We offer multiple on-campus testing dates, please view our testing dates & times by clicking "Schedule a Testing Appointment." Students will sit for an online assessment and given up to two hours to complete all required tests, depending on their academic major. During each testing appointment students will meet our Orientation Leaders, have the opportunity to register for Orientation, and explore our South campus community.

Online Off-Site Testing

For students unable to travel to campus for a testing appointment, we offer an Off-Site Proctor option for assessment completion. This option will require the following:

  • participation of the students High School Guidance Counselor or educational professional,
  • a computer with online capabilities,
  • access to email,
  • completion of our Academic Integrity Policy, and
  • access to a fax machine.

Students are provided the necessary materials, login information, instructions via email and are required to fax results to our Testing Coordinator immediately after completion. This remote option is given a time limit and will not be considered completed until results have been received. If you are interested in this option, please click on "Schedule a Testing Appointment" and select "Off-Site Proctor Request".

Unfortunately, we do not accept Accuplacer scores from other universities, institutions or college preparatory courses. UMass Lowell faculty has created college-based assessments that introduce concepts required to succeed in each program. Our assessments are unique and updated annually. By sitting for these assessments, each incoming freshman will be appropriately placed into courses for their first semester on campus.

Students who have a documented learning disability should contact the Office of Disability Services via email at or call 978-934-4574. Testing administrators will be unable to provide individualized academic accommodations until this office has been contacted.