Center for Arts & Ideas

Arts and Ideas Publication Submission Form

Each semester the Center for Arts and Ideas publishes "Arts and Ideas," a publication highlighting a variety of events - cultural activities, major lectures and talks, and special events - taking place at UMass Lowell and in the community.

For this bi-annual publication we reach out for submissions from colleagues, partners, friends and the community. We are always seeking new submissions for each semester's installment of the publication. If you have an event scheduled between mid-January and the end of August, or an event from September to December please share it with us. It's free publicity with a print circulation of over 25,000 in and around the Merrimack Valley.

When attaching photos or graphics to the submission form ensure that your images are high resolution (300 dpi or higher) and will be used at our discretion. All images will be used in either our publication or on our website, Facebook or Twitter pages to further promote your events. Please include photographer credit.

Fill out and send the event submission form, along with any attachments to: