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Virtual Tour of Campus, Residence Halls

Want to get a feel for campus but can't come on a campus tour? Check out our virtual tour by downloading the virtual tour app for iPhone or Android devices by searching UMass Lowell. 

After you open the application, you will be asked would like to use your current location." Say OK.

You can take a tour of the entire campus or check out just our residence halls. View the tour in virtual reality for an amazing experience right from your device. Just turn your phone horizontally to get the VR experience.

You can listen to audio for each stop by clicking the microphone icon and more information about the stop in text format, as well as access to 360 panoramic tours and videos by clicking on the arrow next to the building name. 

Launch Virtual Tour text over image of campus.

See Yourself at UMass Lowell

Take a virtual walking tour of our citywide campus in English, Spanish, Khmer or Mandarin and find out what all the buzz is about.