What Do You Love Most About UMass Lowell?

Marlene Buckley

Meet an alumna who realizes the power of her support: Marlene Buckley ’75. “I am proud to support UMass Lowell personally and through my business University Music.  The education and support I received allowed me to fulfill my dream of owning my own music store. Now, through my donations, I am able to help current students reach their dreams.”


When you think back on your time at UMass Lowell, what aspects made the biggest impact on you? Was it the school you graduated from? Your department? A club or organization? The faculty?
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Philanthropic gifts are often what separate good universities from truly great ones. In addition to supporting UMass Lowell students, research and programs, gifts to the University benefit you too.  A degree from a well-regarded University helps you to stand out among potential employers and can open doors. The more alumni who support the University, the stronger your alma mater’s reputation will become.