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program overview

UTeach Overview

UTeach UMass Lowell is an undergraduate teacher preparatory program for S.T.E.M. majors to investigate and prepare for a career in teaching math or science in middle school and high school. The Program Overview includes all the courses required for teacher certification: exploratory courses, core education courses, specialized content courses, and additional math courses (only for math teacher licensure). The Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTELs) are prerequisites to the teaching practicum and are required for an initial teaching license.

course sequence of UTEACH STEM Teaching Minor and teacher certification

For the latest information, including course listings, degree pathways and more, please visit the UMass Lowell Academic Catalog.

EXPLORATORY COURSE (prerequisite to the minor; doES not count toward minor)

  • Introduction to STEM Teaching, Credits: 3, Semester: Fall, Spring. This course replaces Step 1 and Step 2.

STEM TEACHING MINOR sequence of COURSES (18 credits)

  • Knowing and Learning in Math & Science*, Credits: 3, Semester: Fall, Spring, Summer
  • Perspectives on Mathematics & Science*, Credits: 3, Semester: Spring
  • Research Methods for STEM Inquiries, Credits: 3, Semester: Spring
  • Teaching English Learners, Credits: 3, Semester: Fall, Spring 
  • Classroom Interactions and Equity, Credits: 3, Semester: Spring
  • Project-Based Instruction, Credits: 3, Semester: Fall (senior year)

*Course fulfills Core Curriculum requirement.

Additional coursework required of math and computer science majors (for math teacher certification)

  • Functions and Modeling, Credits: 3, Semester: Fall
  • Geometry, Credits: 3, Semester: Fall

TEACHING PRACTICUM (required for teaching certification)

  • Practicum, Credits: 6, Semester: Fall, Spring (senior year)