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Summer Programs


Programs for Incoming Freshmen & Transfers

Open to students in certain majors who can commute to UMass Lowell, these available summer programs allows motivated high school students or transfer students from Massachusetts community colleges to enroll in up to two UMass Lowell undergraduate courses. Learn more by watching our video or read the story.

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UML Launch!


Launch is a summer program enabling incoming freshmen to complete two courses required by their majors with built in tutoring support and academic leadership and success workshops. (Program runs July 6 – Aug. 14).


The Research, Academics and Mentoring Pathways (RAMP) program is a summer jumpstart for incoming students, including women and racial and ethnic minority students, designed to help you design a pathway to successful graduation that also includes a profile of extracurricular activities such as research experience, entrepreneurship and community engagement (Deadline: May 1. Program runs July 6 – Aug. 14).

River Hawk Rising Scholars: Summer Experience

This 3-day intensive experience provides students an early opportunity to build key success strategies and skills for their time at UMass Lowell. Participants engage in various workshops designed to allow for personal exploration, jump start in setting academic and personal goals, and interaction with key campus partners. Benefits include: early move in, connecting with members of their cohort, and learning initial strategies for adjusting to college life. Program is open to all first year and transfer students. (Deadline: June 5. Program runs Aug. 26-28).


Before the fall semester, the UMass Lowell Kennedy College of Sciences wants to give incoming computer science students a chance to stay on campus, meet classmates and build skills for success. (Deadline: June 30. Program runs Aug. 4-7)

STEM Academic Bridge

The STEM Starter Academy Bridge Program is available to ALL Massachusetts community college associate degree STEM graduates who have been accepted to transfer to UMass Lowell for the Fall 2020 semester. (Deadline: June 1. Program runs July 6 – Aug. 14).

2 to 4 Transfer Bridge

Middlesex Community College graduates transferring to UMass Lowell may be eligible for the 2 to 4 Transfer Bridge program. (Program runs July 6 - Aug. 14)

Fast Track Your Degree This Summer

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Make the most of your summer with the largest selection of courses ever offered by UMass Lowell.

  • Summer I starts May 18
  • Summer II starts July 6
  • Hundreds of summer courses offered 100% online
  • Take back-to-back 6-week online courses
  • 6, 8, 10 and 12-week courses

See the list of courses