Office of the Provost

About the Office

Welcome to the Office of the Provost at UMass Lowell. As provost, Don Pierson serves as the chief academic officer to provide leadership for all academic efforts at UMass Lowell, including recruitment of students and admission with the division of enrollment management, and is a member of the executive leadership for the university.

The Provost is assisted in this effort by four vice provosts: Julie Chen for research, Charlotte Mandell for undergraduate education, John Ting for enrollment and Kathy Carter for graduate and international affairs and strategy; as well as by the deans of the six academic colleges and the director of libraries. All the leadership in these areas comprise the Deans Council, which coordinates implementation of academic aspects of the strategic plan for the University.

The Provost works in close collaboration with the Faculty Senate on development of academic programs and with the deans on implementation and assessment of these programs. Similarly, the Provost works collaboratively with the Executive Board of the Faculty Union on implementation of faculty policies. 

In addition to undertaking the day-to-day running of the academic life of the campus under the direction of the Chancellor, the Provost Office provides oversight for implementation of all academic policies and is deeply engaged with the vice chancellors, deans, faculty and staff to bring coherence to our scholarly endeavors and to help all achieve their academic and professional goals and to create an environment in which the best teaching, learning and research can flourish.