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Bachelor of Science in Engineering

Chemical Engineering


The Department of Chemical Engineering's mission is to produce competent graduates.  The program builds a strong foundation for the professional development of its students, and graduates are well equipped for a wide variety of positions as practicing chemical engineers or for graduate studies in engineering and sciences.


Through specialization in the option areas of biological engineering, nanomaterials engineering, nuclear engineering and paper engineering, graduates obtain special skills, so that they are actively pursued by local and regional industries and government because of their ability to immediately contribute to solving today's engineering problems.

Requirements of the Major

Semester by Semester Program of Study:


Learning Outcomes

A graduate of Chemical Engineering should be able to:

  1. Understand, analyze and design physical and chemical processes. 
  2. Identify and solve chemical engineering problems. 
  3. Be proficient in the oral and written communication of their work. 
  4. Be proficient in the use of engineering tools and equipment. 
  5. Learn and work independently, and practice leadership and teamwork in and across disciplines. 
  6. Design and perform laboratory experiments to gather data, test theories and solve problems. 
  7. Understand the safety and environmental consequences of their work. 
  8. Understand the regional, global and societal impact of engineering problems and solutions. 
  9. Be prepared for a lifetime of continuing education. 
  10. Act in accordance with the highest ethical standards.