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Accreditation Review for UMass Lowell

NEASC Standards for Accreditation

(Titles and descriptions in brief . . . )

  1. Standard One: Mission and Purposes of the Institution

  2. Standard Two: Planning and Evaluation appropriate to achievement of mission and purposes

  3. Standard Three: Organization and Governance that facilitates the successful accomplishment of mission and purposes

  4. Standard Four: The Academic Program: the institution's primary focus is the education of its students

  5. Standard Five: Faculty qualifications, numbers, and performance sufficient to accomplish the mission and purposes

  6. Standard Six: Student Services providing environment to foster intellectual and personal development consistent with mission and purposes

  7. Standard Seven: Library and Other Information Resources available necessary to fulfill mission and purposes

  8. Standard Eight: Physical and Technological Resources sufficient and appropriate to serve institutional needs as defined by its mission and purposes

  9. Standard Nine: Financial Resources sufficient to sustain the achievement of educational objectives and to further institutional improvement

  10. Standard Ten: Public Disclosure providing complete, accurate and clear information

  11. Standard Eleven: Integrity exemplifying and advocating high ethical standards in all of its dealings