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Salary Review

Salary Review Guidelines

Faculty/Librarians who intend to apply for Salary Review, your request is to be forwarded to your Dean no later than the last day in March, along with six (unbound) copies of your application. Include in your application the following information:

  • Full documentation of your career achievements. (Professional Vita)
  • Written statement of your argument for a salary increase, which should include:
    • Appropriate material to support your claim.
    • Clearly specify what category you are applying under (See Pgs. 109-112 in the Agreement).
    • Salary history including your current salary.
    • Your current rank and the number of years in that rank.
    • Are you tenured?

Additional information regarding Salary Review:

  1. Faculty/Librarians applying for Salary Review should have their applications to their respective Deans’/Directors of Libraries by the last day in March.
  2. The Dean/Director of Libraries submits the applications to the College Personnel Committee/Library Personnel Committee for their recommendations.
  3. The College Personnel Committee/ Library Personnel Committee will review the applications for Salary Review and Forward their recommendations and make a positive or negative recommendation.
  4. The Dean/Director of Libraries shall review each salary review application and make a positive or negative recommendation.
  5. College Dean/Director of Libraries recommendation and those of the College Personnel Committee/ Library Personnel Committee shall be forwarded to the office of the Provost (as the Chancellor’s designee by the beginning of May).