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Launch! Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I participate in Launch!?

Whether you decide to participate in the Summer Success Series, no cost college specific programs, or the college academic program, you will be setting yourself up to learn how to be successful in the fall. Additionally, participation in the academic option will reduce your fall course load. The space in your schedule can also be used for a minor, study abroad, or co-op opportunities

What are the benefits?

Launch! provides you to opportunity to connect with peers through social and/or academic sessions. Whether in class, a Launch! Seminar, or the Summer Success Series you will be able to connect with peers, faculty, and staff from across campus to build your network of success before the fall even begins.

Which classes should I take?

Each college has suggested specific courses that are required for your degree and major. Each academic course satisfies a degree requirement and will be used towards your graduation.

Will this be accepted for my major?

Yes! Each course has been specifically selected to satisfy your degree requirements. Professional advisors are available to speak with you on how each course fits into your degree pathway.

Is financial aid available?

Unfortunately, financial aid is not available for Launch! summer courses. Courses are being offered at a 34% discount making them more affordable than many community colleges. If cost is prohibitive, there are no cost college specific options that in some colleges provide credits towards your degree at no cost.

What is a Launch! Seminar?

A Launch! Seminar course is a course that has been specifically designed by your college. It is an interactive opportunity to earn credit (in some colleges) through interactive and engaging learning. Colleges have selected topics and discussions that are most impactful to your major and discipline.

What if I have accommodations?

Students requesting accommodations will need to register with Disability Services. Click here to start the process.

Can I take classes with my friends if we are different majors?

Yes! All of the courses offered will be applied to your degree pathway. A professional advisor will work with you individually to select the most appropriate course to take with your friend towards your degree.

What if I have to miss classes because of a vacation or trip?

Summer sessions are fast paced environments. Missing one class session is the equivalent of missing one week during a long semester. If you are not able to participate in all class sessions for the academic or no credit college programs, we suggest taking advantage of the Summer Success Series workshops.

What if I live in a different time zone?

All courses and workshops will be conducted in Eastern Standard Time. If you live in a different time zone, you will need to adjust ensure you are logging into your classes and workshops in Eastern Standard Time.

What if I work during the day?

We encourage you to work with your employer to adjust your schedule to be able to attend your academic courses and workshops. However, if you are not able to adjust your work schedule, we suggest participating in one, or all, of the Success Series Seminar workshops that are various times throughout the summer.

What if I am waiting on AP or IB credits?

No problem! We can arrange academic courses this summer around any AP or IB credits. Your professional advisor will also work with you to arrange your fall schedule based on your credits.

What if I took the courses as dual enrollment in high school?

Great job! We can arrange courses around any dual enrollment courses you may have already completed. Your professional advisor will work with you to arrange your fall schedule based on your credits.

Do I have to attend orientation before starting Launch?

We encourage you to participate in one of the orientation sessions prior to starting the academic components of Launch. However, we realize that it may not be possible and are happy to work with you for what works best for you.

Can this replace orientation?

No. You will still need to attend orientation in addition to participating in Launch! academic programs.

How do I know which math course to take?

Once you opt to participate in the academic Launch! program a professional advisor will work with you to select the best course for you to take. Each college has provided some suggested courses that are ideal for your program.

What does waive credit mean?

When credits are waived, you still need to the credits for graduation, but you do not have to take a specific course. Think, free elective options. For example, let’s say you have College Writing 1 waived. This means you do not have to take College Writing 1, but you still need to take three credits of something else towards your graduation. These credits would be your choice.