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Academic Quality Assessment & Development

Purpose: To Assess and Improve the Core Academic Functions

The Academic Quality Assessment and Development (AQAD) process is a component of the UMass System Performance Measurement System and is required of all academic units. The primary purpose of this component is to assess and improve the core academic functions of teaching and learning, research/professional/creative activity, and public service/academic outreach through an ongoing system of quality control/program assessment at the unit level (i.e., department or program).

Each UMass campus has established procedures for implementing AQAD reviews in accordance with the System-level guidelines adopted by the Board of Trustees (Doc. T98-033). In this document, “Department” and “Program” are used as synonyms for “unit undergoing review.” Each Program shall be reviewed on a regular cycle. Ordinarily, the length of time between reviews may be no more than five to seven years, but campus procedures may establish the circumstances under which exceptions to this timeframe may be granted. At UMass Lowell, we have approved some variances in the cycle in order to match certain external review schedules (e.g. accreditation). Each Program review shall be conducted with the participation of Program faculty members.

These documents will help UMass Lowell prepare for and conduct their AQAD reviews.

For more information please contact Paula Haines, Senior Director of Assessment & Accreditation by email:, or phone: 978-934-4186.
For information on reimbursement procedure for AQAD site-visit related expenses please contact Karen Morin, Director, Academic Budgets by email:, or phone: 978-934-2537.