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International Vision

A Global Vision for Global Citizens

Our 2020 Strategic Plan calls for a University that envisions a rich array of international partnerships for UMass Lowell that will help our students become globally competent and bring more international students to campus. These partnerships will offer our students meaningful and substantive international learning experiences, including traditional study abroad and experiential learning. 

UMass Lowell’s international partners enhance the breadth and depth of faculty research activities, represent student travel interests, and reflect the multi-cultural heritage of the Lowell community. By nurturing research relationships around the world, we increase the chances that we will innovate more efficiently and more effectively and in ways we could not have imagined otherwise.

A key characteristic of these international partnerships is their development across disciplines, be these in science, engineering, management, or in area studies. 

Our global partners also reflect the University’s economic development efforts. By serving as a catalyst that connects companies and business leaders in our region to those around the world, we become an effective economic engine for our own community. We can help to strengthen industries in our region by helping them become global.

Perhaps most important of all, we feel that international collaboration contributes to world harmony. Institutions of higher education are not only readily able to foster better international communication and understanding through collaboration, but we believe it is also an important responsibility that institutions of higher education bear.