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UMass Lowell will resume on-campus instruction, research and campus life for Fall 2020. View the plan for more info.

RHSA Leadership Scholarships

RHSA students can apply for $400 leadership scholarships. These scholarships will be applied to the recipients’ spring tuition bill.

Students must follow the timeline and meet the requirements to be eligible for these scholarships. RHSA students who are accepted into this training program and complete the requirements are also eligible to apply to be a Peer Leader the following year to work with next year’s population of RHSA students. 

The purpose of this program is to:
  • Introduce RHSA students to some basic components and concepts of leadership
  • Improve RHSA students’ ability to work with a diverse group of their peers
  • Enhance RHSA students’ understanding of key campus resources and how students can connect with these resources
  • Connect RHSA students with the overall mission of the Academy and with the current RHSA community
  • Assist in the personal development of RHSA students
  • Reflect on what RHSA students have learned and apply what they have learned to future leadership opportunities
  • Articulate the basic components of leadership
  • Assess some of their own strengths and areas for improvement as emerging leaders
  • Identify key campus resources and the benefits of those resources for students
  • Explain their role within the RHSA community

  • Must have met the fall requirements for attending RHSA engagement events (at least 3) and for meeting with academic advisor.
  • Sign an agreement that establishes your commitment to meet all the requirements outlined in the RHSA Scholarship Agreement.
  • Attend all 4 leadership training workshops (held on Thursday, February 13 and then three subsequent Wednesdays on February 19, 26, and March 4 from 6:30-8 p.m., with a snow date if needed on March 18).
  • Attend a mentoring lunch on Saturday, February 22 from 11:30 a.m. - 1:30 p.m. in University Crossing (snow date is Saturday, February 29).
  • Meet the RHSA engagement requirement for the spring semester (attend a minimum of 3 RHSA events during the semester and meet at least once with your academic advisor, and complete the bi-weekly pulse checks).
  • Complete a mid-semester check-in (a 15-minute meeting with an RHSA Team member) at a time that fits your schedule.

Preferred for Eligibility

  • Minimum 2.5 GPA for fall 2019 semester (see the application for an additional question if your GPA was below 2.5).
  • Leadership scholarship applications due: last Monday in January
  • Decisions for scholarship applications: first Friday in February
  • Leadership sessions & requirements: specific times and locations available on the RHSA Calendar
    • 4 90-minute sessions
    • Weekly, mid-February to mid-March
    • Snow date will be in March, in case of a weather cancellation
    • Mentoring lunch mid-February on a Saturday
    • One-on-ones w/RHSA team member scheduled for late February/early March
  • Peer Leader applications due: first Friday in April
  • Peer Leader application decisions: third Friday in April
  • Peer Leader gathering of new cohort: early-mid May