The UMass Lowell Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching is designed to honor contributions faculty make to undergraduate-level instruction. The university recognizes the distinctive qualities that guide excellence when working with undergraduate students. This involves impactful experiences teaching the next generation to reach higher levels of skill, knowledge, understanding, appreciation, and expression. Exemplary faculty performance varies from program to program across our campus.
  • The nominee must be a full-time faculty member at UMass Lowell and currently in a tenure, teaching, or clinical-track position.
  • Previous nominees are eligible, and it is hoped that they will be nominated again.
  • Previous winners are not eligible for a period of six years.
Criteria for Award
To recognize sustained and innovative teaching excellence at the undergraduate level, the Faculty Honors Committee seeks applications from faculty from all campus units who have made demonstrable contributions to undergraduate students and programs. Applications should include concrete examples and outcomes of the applicant’s contributions to undergraduate-level education at UMass Lowell. Applicants will be evaluated according to the following criteria:
How the applicant:
  • engages students in the subject matter to ensure active involvement in the learning process
  • provides timely, critical and productive feedback
  • promotes critical thinking
  • promotes writing and communication skills as part of the instruction
  • incorporates research in the discipline into teaching
  • engages students where appropriate in research activities