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Curriculum and Instruction: Initial Certification

M.Ed. Curriculum and Instruction: Initial Certification

Requirements of the Major

Semester by Semester Program of Study:

Elementary Education

Elementary Education and Teacher of Moderate Disabilities


Secondary Education

Learning Outcomes – at the completion of the program students will demonstrate:

  • Thorough understanding of important topics, issues, theories and practices in education in general and within the specific field of elementary or secondary education
  • Strong content knowledge required to teach the specific disciplines of elementary or secondary education
  • Ability to connect concepts to learners’ prior experiences
  • Use of a variety of strategies and processes that are consistent with appropriate learning theory
  • Effective communication skills for teaching and professional collaboration
  • Enthusiasm for developing lifelong habits of mind that facilitate reflection, clear thinking, critical judgment, innovation and a problem-solving orientation
  • A cohesive pedagogical style that integrates attitudes and dispositions with knowledge and skills
  • Appropriate types of professional behaviors
  • Ability to integrate technology into instruction
  • A commitment to excellence and human dignity in all aspects of teaching, learning and leadership
  • Decision making that is reflective, ethical and caring
  • Ability to work collaboratively and independently to develop viable curriculum and instructional models
  • A variety of ways of knowing and evaluating information and ideas