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High Density (HD) Degrees

UMass Lowell's 3-year Degrees

High Density (HD) 3-Year Degrees are an opportunity for students to earn their undergraduate degree in less time than in traditional four-year programs. Intended for self-directed students who have a clear idea of their educational goals, the HD Degree requires students to enroll in fall, spring and summer courses during all three years to complete their required 120 credits.

What are the benefits?

  • The HD Degree enables students to join the workplace sooner and start applying their skills to real-world problems - or to get a Head Start on their graduate school studies. 
  • In addition to realizing their earning potential more quickly, students can also save money by forgoing a fourth year of college expenses.
  • Students taking a HD Degree can take advantage of the same co-curricular and community experiences that four-year students enjoy.


See a list of degrees available in HD (linked to the UMass Lowell Academic Catalog) or a list by college and school on the Programs page.

In the catalog and on department pages, HD Degrees will be identified by the HD logo. HD